Battlemaster’s Corner – The Zookeeper

Battlemaster’s Corner – The Zookeeper

Te Zookeeper � by Voxicity

A master f beasts and tamer of al�… the creatures f Tamriel. e Zookeeper commands an army �f loyal minions t fight for them, dealing devastating burst damage t… enemy players nd monsters. T build is aimed ‘t tose who fight n the Alliance ar; however, t performs great for overland cntent to�.

Armor and Weapons

Hat and Shoulder – Tremorscale/Maw …f the Infernal/Selene

These Undaunted sets tat cn ” fund n their respective dungeons (Veteran Volenfell fr Tremorscale, Veteran Banished Cells �…I for Maw of te Infernal, and Veteran Selene’s Web for Selene) and in Undaunted chests by using Pledge Keys.

Traits ‘nd enchantments: Al�… items hould hve Impenetrable traits ith Health enchantment …n the hat nd Stamina on the shoulder.

Arms, Legs, Boots, Waist, nd Chest – Bone Pirate’ Tatters Set

hi set combined with t Dubious Cameron Throne drink ives te build geat Stamina Recovery hile als retaining hgh Maximum Stamina. Thi et can be found in the normal Blackheart Haen dungeon.

Traits and enchantments: Impenetrable traits ‘ith Health enchantment on the legs ‘nd chest and Stamina on arms, boots, nd waist.

Primary Weapon, Shield, ‘nd Jewelry – Viper’s Sting …et

Channel the strength of yo�r inner serpent to deal instant damage t or enemy when hitting tm ith melee attacks! s set can be found n the normal Fungal Grotto nd Fungal Grotto II dungeons.

Traits and enchantments: Fr the weapon, use the Sharpened trait t improve penetration. or the shield, impenetrable is bet; owever, mst ther traits ork fne, too. Enchant the weapon ith Weapon Damage to increase damage ven furte.

Secondary weapon � Viper’ Sting St / Maelstrom

or the secondary weapon, ty to find a Maelstrom two-hander with the Defending trait, ‘ Defending Viper’ Sting two-hander, r any random Defending to-hander. To find a Maelstrom weapon, �u ned to omplete veteran Maelstrom Arena (no mall task).

Traits nd enchantments: is wil�… mostly just e our buff bar, so the Defending trait as mentioned above works reat. Enchant eso gold with Poison or Disease if using ‘ Viper’ Sting weapon, o ue a poison potion f you hav a Maelstrom weapon.

Attribute oints and Mundus Stones

P�t a�…l Attribute Points nto Stamina, but dd ponts into Health if y�u struggle to survive. PvP n be pretty brutal!

U Te Lord o The Tower Mundus Stones t� also he�…p boost Health r Stamina.

Champion oints

�ut our Champion oints int the followng:

The Tower – 4 Siphoner, 11 Warlord, 16 Sprinter, 6 Bashing Focus

e Lover- 75 Mooncalf, 64 Tenacity, 4 Healthy

he Shadow – 11 Tumbling, 8 Shade, 11 Shadow Ward

he Apprentice – 27 Blessed

he Atronach – 19 Physical Weapon Expert, 5 Shattering Blows, 37 Master t Arms

The Ritual – 28 Precise Strikes, 51 Piercing, 43 Mighty

e Steed – 10 Medium Armor Focus, 13 Ironclad, 10 Spell Shield, 46 Resistant

Lady – 9 Tick Skinned, 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender

e Lord – 9 Expert Defender, 15 Quick Recovery

Primary Bar Abilities

�u shold slot the follwing abilities:

Invasion – Yor primary source f controlling your enemy.

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