Everything To Know Before Using Surface Laptop Promo Code

Everything To Know Before Using Surface Laptop Promo Code

Surface is a popular brand name under the highly popular brand Microsoft. You might have seen the Surface line up with great surprise every time a new introduction was made by Microsoft. I too had the same feel. Now, the company is out with their latest Surface laptop. This new addition to the Surface family is open for pre-booking now at Microsoft store. When you pre-order, you can use Surface Laptop Promo Code. Yes, what you have guessed is right. This promotional code will bring you savings on your shopping for the best laptop. Here are some details that you look for about this laptop:

Truly yours:

If you are an individual, who gives more important to your personal touch on any product that you shop for, Surface laptop can be the best fit for you. This laptop will complement your style with a choice of four rich color combinations. In addition, the rich Alcantara Material-covered keyboard adds to the luxuriousness of the laptop further.

Rich color combinations:

You can go beyond the traditional laptop colors when you opt for the Surface laptop. You can complement your style with color combinations that are elegant and clean. Also, the size of the laptop ensures that it will rightly fit into your bag.

Office and Windows for you:

With the latest Windows operating system called Windows 10 S, Surface laptop can bring you utmost security and safety features. In addition, this operating system will also ensure superior performance. To make sure that you get only Microsoft verified applications to your system, applications are delivered through the Windows store.

Introductory offer:

In addition to the savings you can get with Microsoft Surface laptop promo code, you can also enjoy the introductory offer given by Microsoft. You can avail this offer until the 15th of October 2017. The offer is that you will get one year of Office 365 Personal subscription along with this laptop for free. You can renew the same next year. Even, if you do not want to renew, you can leave as it is.

Meticulously crafted:

A perfect combination of elegant lines, clean look, subtle details, and attractive texture makes Surface laptop as the most meticulously crafted device. In addition, the laptop gets a luxurious touch with the Microsoft’s signature material-covered keyboard.

Not just portability, but also performance:

You need not have to worry about carrying your charger everywhere. The laptop comes with a battery backup of 14.5 hours approximately. This means that after a complete charge at home at nights, you can manage the entire following day without re-plugging. In addition, the ideal weight of just 2.76 pounds makes it a device that can be easily carried even on a small back pack.

Besides all these things, the stunning touch response screen will take your working to a fresh level. Are you ready to act smart with this great laptop from Microsoft as the newest addition to the Surface family? Just you can pre-order now and can get the same delivered once the stocks are out at the stores of Microsoft.

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