Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery Software to Recover Excel Password

For data security, every person or organization needs to protect their highly secure files with password protected. MS Excel application is an also available for maintaining large scale of company data like daily expenses, company expenses, salary maintenance, attendance entries, tax calculation and many more. Password protection is very common thing now days to protect MS Excel file from unauthorized access. If any condition or circumstances, you forgot their Excel file opening password then there is no any way to get access/ open protected excel file. All over internet, there are no any manual trick to open password protected excel file then what you do and how to get back your forgotten password?
For this situation, you can fight with any third-party software which works well on your protected excel file and gives your original password. So, in this article I suggest you well known product from .
1)Unique UI concept helps to understand and navigate each step-by-step process.
2)Single GUI based Excel Password Finder.
3)Select only protected excel file and set the recovery options that’s it.
4)Recover password up-to 18+ character in length.
5)Recover alpha-numeric, alphabets, special character’s, numbers password.
6)Log file generation about each recovery steps
7)Set the password char-sets like- Small Letters, Capital Letters, Numbers, Special Characters.
Grab the tool
This software has lots of unique features that fits your need and recall forgotten password within minutes. The main unique concept-based solution offers you various kinds of password retrieval technology like”Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and many more.

You can easily get the software by downloading it from eSoftTools Corporate website and install it. Software never required any third-party software for operation. The software only required MS Excel application installation on computer. Remarkable Excel password recovery software that securely works for recovery of lost and forgotten Excel file password. It provides unique methods such as- dictionary attack, brute force attacks and many other options to recover lost Excel file password related to alphabetic, alpha-numeric, symbolic and special characters etc.
This software takes very little time to reveal the original password. The evaluation version software gives your first 3-character password without needing any license. If your concern is to get all other part of password characters then you must have the license copy of the software.
Supported Version of Excel File.
eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery which works on password protected excel file and generate thousands of passwords in seconds and reveal the original excel file password. Download of this software is also available for evaluation purpose. Get this piece of software

Software successfully supports MS Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 files.
If you need any more details about this product, kindly visit their website page .
Get More Info: http://www.2016.excelfilepasswordrecovery.com/

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