Kotlin For Android Development

Kotlin For Android Development

There are languages that allow developers to make the code more readable and safe, drastically reduce the use of boilerplate, and even do wonders that Java cannot and one of the languages is Kotlin. Kotlin is a statically-typed language, developed by JetBrains and the first version Kotlin v1.0 was released in February 2016. But it was Google who made Kotlin a remarkable place when they shared the world with their official support to Kotlin for Android app development using Android Studio in Google I/O 2017 conference. The Kotlin module is presently packaged with Android Studio 3.0 and is accessible for download. Kotlin syntax structure is familiar to any software developers and can be pretty much easily understood and comprehended for the beginners. Kotlin is a open source and costs nothing, It empowers developers to keep utilizing productivity-enhancing apparatuses and there is a full help for debugging, unit testing, profiling and so on.

A senior java developer from node js development company says “The progress it has made in the last year, however, is quite admirable. If any language was to be named the successor of Java for Android, I would state that Kotlin is the most probable candidate”. The tools offered by Kotlin team for Android development goes beyond the standard language features like Kotlin Android Extensions, Anko and so on.

Another astounding element that the Kotlin module conveys is the Change from Java File to Kotlin. Simply give the old Java document, and in a single click, it will change it to an identical Kotlin file. One of the main features is lambda expressions, perfectly adjusted amongst intelligibility and conciseness. Most of the developers from android app development company has the same view. With Kotlin, Developers no need to stress about NullPointerExceptions because null-safety is built into Kotlin’s sort framework. It is so lovely to get NPEs at the aggregate time as opposed to applications error at runtime.

An Android Developer London based says “When developers utilize Kotlin rather than Java, there is a gigantic decrease of code in their existing project”.Some of the main features of Kotlin language for the Android platform are it concise to decrease the number of code developers needs to write. Kotlin is more expressive to make the code readable and understandable. It is safe to avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions. Kotlin is used to build applications on the server-side and finally, it is Interoperable to use existing systems with Java interoperability. Interoperable means developer can reuse Java code, All Java code can work with Kotlin and the other way around. A senior software developer from angularjs development company strongly believes that Kotlin is an excellent fit for Android because it gives what developers want, and matches the spirit of Android. There are few advantages of creating Android applications with Kotlin, for example, bolster for Lambda expressions, unchecked exemptions, and the sky’s the limit from there. When compared to Java, Kotlin is so easy to learn and work.

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