Revelation Online Invites Players To Climb The Tower Of Pain

Revelation Online Invites Players To Climb The Tower Of Pain

her is a pl’ce in Revelation Online they cll the Tower of Pain. And t’s een the ruin of mny ‘n adventuring roup, most�…y beca�se you’re oing nto somthing ca�…led the Tower of Pain. What �…o you think is ging to hapen in tere? Foot rubs?

It’s not foot rubs. t’s pain. The guardians of thi tower sealed their ery essence nto the tower t prevent people fom reaching t pinnacle on the eighth floor. he doors t… te dang thing only opn once every thousand yars. And yet yo�’re probably still going to go in there, because� well, it’s a MMO, there’s a tower full of stuff, th’t’s what you do.

Of ourse, the climb �p th Tower of Pain ill not be te same eve time, so you can loo forward to shifting layouts and guardians depending on ho ou lear yor way up te tower. Yo� an als look forward to hurting. gain, we cannot stress ths nough, it is c’lled the Tower of Pain.

Built “y fou sacred beasts of o�…d, te Tower f Pain is s inspiring as it is terrifying, serving as te primary location fo one of the oldest spiritual challenges t… ve be issued to mankind � pening its doors every 1,000 yars t� t latest generation of combatants illing t brave the climb t the top.


Ceated wth the intention f strengthening te spirit orld’ connection t our own, te fur mystical beastsresponsible fr its construction �…ater sealed their very wn essence ithin te tower to serve ‘s keepers and guardians. hese living reflections f the creators, forever bound t� te solitary interior, dissuade te weak and unworthy fom entering and test anyone wo dares accept t challenge of reaching te pinnacle �f t tower.


No tat a new millennium ha hit and the doors re on once again, it is � to heroes �…ike yo� to est thse guardiansin combat nd ascend the Tower of Pain. re you ready to prove yourelf worthy f facing t spirit lord? Wll you … the ne to elevate te social status f ‘o�r entire race by overcoming tis ancient trial and becoming an envoy of the spirit orld? f , call upon our most reliable allies ‘nd sharpen yur blades, for the battles grueling and the climb is �…ong.


This 5-m’n dungeon wll test your ver soul, throwing ll manner of bosses your way with the sole intent f preventing y…u from ascending to te 8t floor pinnacle. hose wh… fail wll be cast don nto to flaming pit, ‘ere beasts and monsters lay n wait fr fresh meat t… carve. Those ‘ho ‘ish to re-climb the tower m�st survive tis death-trap t prove temselves worthy of another attempt.


�f that asn’t nough, t would sm tat th guardians lie t bend the rules, quietly throwing alternate encounters at thse ‘ho perform ertain tactics and tasks uring teir ascent. �…t’s safe t ay th’t thse h… enter the Tower of Pain sould e ready for anything, and hould not gt too familiar with its keepers.


u ave heeby een challenged, hero. Bolster ‘our spirit and prepare to endure the trials and tribulations f th Tower of Pain, if yo dare!

Thank yu for reading and good luck in your next adventure and yu can et ome Revelation Online imperial coins n o�r site tat will hlp you get a more pleasant game journey!

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