Surface Pro 4 Promo Code 2017 For The Digital Drawing Tablet

Surface Pro 4 Promo Code 2017 For The Digital Drawing Tablet

If you are a professional artist looking for the most suitable Surface device, you will be on the beneficial side, if you go for Surface Studio with Surface Studio promo code 2017.
Microsoft has introduced their Surface Pro 4 tablet as a digital drawing tablet that can perform like that of a desktop. If you are an artist interested in investing on a device that will help you with your drawing profession, but want the device to be handy and you want the device wherever you go, you have no other better option other than the Surface Pro 4, which is the latest addition to the Surface Pro lineup of tablets from Microsoft. You will also be surprised to know about the availability of Surface Pro 4 Promo Code that will bring you some cost-saving benefits on your investment. Read on to learn more about this versatile tablet:
Powerful and versatile:
As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a small device that can work with the similar power of a desktop, you will find Surface Pro 4 as the ultimate productivity device without any doubt whatsoever. As you are looking for a professional drawing device, you will find this unit highly helpful as you can sketch and write naturally on this device. The vibrant PixelSense display in this tablet combines both Pen and Touch with higher resolution as compared to a 13" MacBook Pro. The Surface Pen that you will get along with this tablet has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. This means that you will never experience any lag between the pen, its tip, and your thoughts. This tablet can be an excellent replacement both to your MacBook and your iPad with its great set of features.
A new tool for creators:
When you shop for Surface Pro 4, you can also get Surface Dial. This tool will help you communicate in a new way with your Surface Pro 4. All you have to do is to click and hold the screen to show you a radial menu of tools, wherein you can do the things that you love in various productivity applications like Bluebeam, Adobe CC, etc.
without a password:
Until now, you might have a different idea about passwords. But, with this Surface Pro 4, your idea towards passwords will change for sure. Yes, with the Windows Hello you can sign in with your face without any password. This means that you will enjoy a hands-free manner of getting into your Windows device. Even, you can save multiple faces of your family members, who can easily get into the device without requiring your help each time for login.
Turn your office into a studio:
If you are not satisfied with Surface Pro 4’s screen and if you are looking for a huge screen to show your creativity on your drawings, you can go for the Surface Studio that comes as a desktop with a huge screen. This desktop can instantly turn your office into a studio and it will take your creativity to an advanced level. Moreover, the Surface Studio promo code will bring you savings on this device that you can simply use similar to that of your drawing board by placing it on a slanting position ideal for drawing on your table. Even, you can integrate this system with Surface Dial to help with your new ways of creating things.
In the mid range:
If you are not looking for a tablet because of its small size and if you rather do not want a desktop as it is immobile, you can consider a laptop in the mid range. This is where the thin and slim Surface Book can come handy to help you with your creations. Moreover, Surface Book promo code will keep you enthralled on your shopping for this unit.

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