Surface Studio Promo Code Get A Free Surface Dial

Surface Studio Promo Code Get A Free Surface Dial

If you are like many other people, who have great interest towards products from Microsoft, you should be all set to try their all new Surface Studio. As you might be aware, this is an all-in-one PC from this tech giant that is designed and produced by the company. It was introduced as an addition to the Surface lineup, but it is a PC and not a tablet or laptop. It was introduced by Microsoft for Windows-based personal computing for their ardent followers. Now you can get this system at the best cost with Surface Studio coupon code.

Microsoft Surface is a popular name among tech savvies and their latest and unique addition to the Surface lineup is the Surface Studio. It is different because, it is neither a tablet like their Surface Pro/RT nor a laptop like their Surface Book, but it is an all-in-one PC. The announcement was made by Microsoft about this device on the 26th of October 2016 at the Windows 10 Devices Event. Also, the company started accepting preorders on the same day. Now, if you wish to preorder this device, you can use Surface Studio Promo Code to enjoy great savings. But, before preordering, it is better to gather some details about this device:

Operating system:

The Surface Studio comes preloaded with the Windows operating system with the anniversary update. It comes with the previously introduced Windows 10. The reason is that Microsoft has optimized it for upcoming updates that the company has planned to release in spring 2017. Do you want to know who the target group for this system is? Microsoft has designed it for individuals in creative professions like designers and artists. The great thing is that even if you are not a designer, you can pre-order this unit at the best cost with Surface Studio coupon code.

Show your ideas to others with a brilliant screen:

Surface Studio is stated to be ideal for designers mainly because of its 28-inch adjustable monitor with PixelSense Display. This system has nearly 13.5 million pixels in such a way that the idea of designers and artists come to life right in front of their eyes. They can just draw on the system roughly and they can then develop their ideas similar to that of what they do in a paper. This is the time to preorder this system that will be a great help to their passion/profession for creators with Surface Studio coupon code.

Swift transformation of desktop into laptop:

Regardless of the stage in the process of creation, artists will find that this system blends itself to their requirements. For instance, regardless of whether they are in the stage of sketching their ideas or whether they wish to collaborate with their senior artists to get some ideas or whether they pitch their work, this unit will be of great help to them. Yes, similar to that of the easel that they place in a convenient position for drawing, artists can just hold the side of the screen and can use the zero gravity hinge such that the system will swiftly become a laptop from being a desktop. Everything is possible with the best cost with the Surface Studio promo code.


Not just to shop for the system, but also to shop for its useful and user-friendly accessories, artists and others, who wish to shop for this system can use Surface Studio coupon code. Some of the accessories worth to mention is Surface Dial, ergonomic keyboard, Surface Mouse and many other creative accessories. Microsoft always wants to bring their best to their customers and it is believed that they would have done the same in the Surface Studio as well. So, stay confident to pre-order this unit.

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