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Using Selenium For Short And Long Of Waits In Web Applications


Frequently, a Web page conveys many Web components which set aside opportunity to stack, and if this is too long, clients tend to move to another Web page, bringing about the loss of significant business openings. Most Web applications we manage are produced utilizing Ajax and JavaScript. In such cases, when a page is stacked by the program, the Web ... Read More »

Using Selenium To Test Web Application


Manually running tests on a few programs and gadgets, a few times each day, can get dreary, and tedious. To deal with this productively, you ought to get comfortable with computerization apparatuses. In this article, we take a gander at what is accessible, how to utilize assignment sprinters, and how to utilize the fundamentals of business program test mechanization applications, ... Read More »

Using Selenium And Java For Database Testing


In selenium contents, when there is a need of getting the Data from the database we may need to utilize APIs which communicates with database like JDBC. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a Java API which is utilized to associate and collaborate with Database. For what reason do we utilize JDBC rather ODBC? ODBC is produced and written in C, ... Read More »

Launch Your Tests Using Testng And Selenium


In the event that you have to run your tests in a particular request, you can either characterize test conditions between strategies/gatherings or set TestNG to run your techniques in a similar request you have indicated. Everything should be possible by means of comments or through a XML document. In this post, we will cover the accompanying points: �How to ... Read More »

Processing Image Pixels Using Java


Manipulate pixels directly and individually In this lesson, I will provide and explain a program that makes it easy to: �Manipulate and modify the pixels that belong to an image �Display the modified image along with the original image for easy comparison in a before and after sense A framework or driver program This program is designed to be used ... Read More »

Best Ways To Grow Your Creativity Using Portable Computer


From the day it has been developed, the computer has become the major need for the people. Either belonging to any of the generation, the computer has always helped the people in one or the other aspect. When calculations were difficult to be made, computer helped as the calculator and has always advanced in terms of features and technologies. The ... Read More »

Everything To Know Before Using Surface Laptop Promo Code


Surface is a popular brand name under the highly popular brand Microsoft. You might have seen the Surface line up with great surprise every time a new introduction was made by Microsoft. I too had the same feel. Now, the company is out with their latest Surface laptop. This new addition to the Surface family is open for pre-booking now ... Read More »

Mid-Sized Companies Using DRaaS Are Anticipated to Dominate the DRaaS Market Over Forecast Period


The mid-sized companies using DRaaS accounted for the largest market share in the year 2016, owing to increasing economic conditions, better functionality at lower cost, secured infrastructure, fast recovery, rising regulatory pressures, and improved disaster recovery & business continuity. An advanced technology has reduced the significance of economies of scale and has led to potential growth for mid-sized companies to ... Read More »

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